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Honoring our Foundation Fellows – Mark Harrison

Like many of the founding fellows, Mark Harrison is an affable and successful member of Arizona's community of attorneys. A familiar theme resonates throughout each interview of a founding fellow: dedication to the practice of law through a commitment of volunteerism. This commitment is equally personally satisfying in that it lends itself in obtaining a gratifying and balanced law career.

Mr. Harrison began his career clerking for Justice Lorna E. Lockwood, Supreme Court of Arizona after graduating from Harvard Law School in 1961. Subsequently, Mr. Harrison embarked upon a successful career in private practice. Along his journey he embraced serving the legal community in a volunteer capacity. His devotion to the practice of law is evidenced by his long, impressive record of service, some of which includes: President of the Maricopa County Bar (1970); President of the State Bar of Arizona (1975/76); President of the National Conference of Bar Presidents (1977/78); President of the Western Bar Conference (1978/79); activities in the American Bar Association [Chair of the Standing Committee on Professional Discipline (1982/84) and the Special Coordinating Committee on Professionalism (1987/89)]; participation with the ABA House of Delegates; and President of the Arizona Bar Foundation (1991/92).

The force behind his commitment and dedication to volunteer began with becoming a founding fellow back at the Bar's inception. Mr. Harrison served as the Bar's President during 1996 to 1997. During his term as President, an effort to increase and enlarge fellows membership was embarked upon. Originally, fellows were an exclusive group of attorneys dedicated to the State Bar. Mr. Harrison sought to expand the fellows and open membership up to all attorneys. Expansion of the fellows' membership gives everyone an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution on the behalf of the legal profession.

Mr. Harrison has undoubtedly led by example, as have so many of the founding fellows. The dedication and commitment to the practice of law serves not only the public, but every attorney engaged in the day-to-day rigors of the profession. It is time for that dedication to pass to all new attorneys to keep that flame burning that was so successfully started with a group of attorneys with vision and commitment.

To find out more about becoming a Foundation Fellow contact Lara Slifko at 602-340-7235 or [email protected]

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