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Judge an academic competition or offer someone legal help.  There are many ways you can volunteer at the Foundation

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Become a Foundation sponsor! The Foundation has many events throughout the year for which sponsorship is needed. Give a general sponsorship or pick an event!

Cy Pres

The term cy pres is derived from the Norman French phrase cy pres comme possible, meaning “as near as possible�. In a class action or mass tort settlement where it is not possible to directly distribute all of the money to the class or remaining balance of an award, a cy pres distribution to a nonprofit charitable organization whose work advances the public interest and indirectly benefits the class members is broadly accepted as the next best use (as near as possible) of the funds.

A cy pres award made to the Arizona Bar Foundation would support grants to organizations that provide services to adults and educate youth on a number of important legal issues such as individual rights, domestic violence, health care, veteran’s issues, education, elder law, employment
rights, housing and consumer fraud.
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Contributions may be made in honor of a person and designated to a purpose in line with the mission of promoting "Access to Justice for all Arizonans"

Current memorials you may support:
Georgia Ellexson: assisting others pursue professions in Public Law.
John Ross: promoting excellence in the study of Business Law and Law Related Education in the Classroom.
John Schubert: warrior in the fight for justice for the most vulnerable
Judge John Sticht: assisting those with physical disabilities to excel in the legal profession..


A Program of Commitment & Support

Fellow $1,000 Sustaining Fellow +$1,000
Patron $2,500 Sustaining Patron +2,500
Benefactors $5,000 Sustaining Benefactor +$5,000
Advocates +$10,000 Lifetime Fellows +$25,000

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