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Participation in Arizona's IOLTA program is voluntary for financial institutions. Financial institutions are invited to submit the Annual Participation Certification below to become approved participants in the program.

pdf 2018-2019 IOLTA Participation Certification

Updated 05/25/2018

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Updated 05/23/2012

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Updated 05/14/2010

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Updated 05/25/2018

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Updated 05/02/2013

word 2018-2019 Sample Form For Reporting Insufficient Funds

Updated 05/25/2018

Arizona Attorney General's Office Issues Opinion on IOLTA Interest

Arizona Attorney General Opinion I09-005 concludes that, under Arizona law, the Arizona Foundation for Legal Services & Education owns the entire beneficial interest in and has the exclusive right to the interest income generated, minus a reasonable service charge or fee, on trust accounts required to be established by attorneys pursuant to the provisions of the Arizona State Bar's Interest on Lawyers Trust Accounts ("IOLTA") program, established by Rule 43 of the Rules of the Supreme Court. Read Opinion.

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