For three decades, the Arizona Foundation for Legal Services & Education has operated with the power of a single vision, supporting the agencies and programs promoting access to justice for all Arizonans.

“The Foundation fills an absolutely amazing need in our community—a need to bring together the volunteers, the dedicated professionals, the courts, the lawyers, the students, all looking out for the interest of access to justice.” Barb Dawson, former Foundation President.

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Behind the Laws

The Arizona Centennial Celebration
February 14th, 1912 to 2012

A history of the US and Arizona Constitutions
Plus historically significant US and Arizona court decisions

Behind the Laws & Decisions

This DVD Box Set is a gift to Arizona educators in honor of Arizona's Centennial Celebration. It can be utilized as a supplemental resource to middle school social studies and high school history and government courses. Both documentary series have been organized by chapters (chapter descriptions included) to aid educators in selecting the most appropriate and useful content for their classrooms. The video segments in each chapter range from 10-20 minutes in length and can be viewed by students based on the educator's course outline.

DVD 1 – Behind the Laws is a documentary series providing a historical perspective of how Arizona was established, beginning with the establishment of the United States of America.

DVD 2 – Decisions is a documentary series in an easy-to-understand interview format, by judicial and history experts, outlining 25 significant court cases in U.S. and Arizona history.

Behind the Laws & Decisions is made possible by the Arizona Supreme Court, McCune Television, National Bank of Arizona and the Arizona Foundation for Legal Services & Education.

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