Georgia Ellexson Memorial Fund Recipient, Bradley Saran, Pursues Career in Public Law

November 19, 2014
Contact: Taylor Cohan (602)340-7235
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Every year the Arizona Legal Foundation in partnership with The State Bar of Arizona Public Law Section honors one of the trailblazing female attorneys of Arizona, the late Georgia Ellexson, with the Georgia Ellexson Memorial Fund. The fund is awarded to an outstanding graduating law student who is pursuing an Arizona State Bar license to practice Public Law.

This year’s recipient is Bradley Saran, an Arizona State University and Arizona Summit Law School graduate. Saran has spent the majority of his life advocating for other people’s rights. His father, Dr. Richard Saran, taught him from a very young age the benefits of having a positive impact on the lives of others. After graduating from Arizona State University, Bradley decided that law school would give him the essential skills necessary to help people resolve their legal issues.

In his first year at Arizona Summit Law School, he quickly began on his mission to help defend the indigent with their housing and bankruptcy issues through Community Legal Services. While Bradley enjoyed defending the indigent with their civil issues, he wanted to expand his legal knowledge and began defending the public with their criminal issues at the Maricopa County Public Defender’s Office as well as the Phoenix Municipal Court. Bradley’s passion, enthusiasm, and hard work shined in and out of the courtroom.

“Getting the hands-on experience while being able to use my legal knowledge made preparing for and going into court, something I looked forward to. I really loved being the person who was responsible for making sure that, if anyone wanted to take away even one of my clients liberties, I advocate my clients rights and ensured that they received a fair trial.“ Saran said of his time at the Public Defenders Office and the Phoenix Municipal Court.

Since graduating law school, Bradley has continued to pursue his passion of defending people’s liberties, and is advocating the public’s rights for the Civil Rights Office at the Arizona Department of Transportation.

Congratulations Bradley on receiving the Georgia Ellexson Memorial Fund award and we know you will continue to honor the late Georgia Ellexson with your future endeavors. We wish you the best of luck as you prepare for your Bar Exam and know you will do big things in the future in your pursuit of serving Public Law.