September 12, 2007
Contact: Amy Koenig (602)340-7237
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On September 11th, a day of somber reflection for our country, hope was found through the enthusiastic first time votes cast by almost 700 Phoenix students. Noe Espino, an eighth grader from Duane Phifer’s class at Desert Sands Middle School said “voting is important because to be a citizen is more than just being born here. It’s also taking responsibility and being active in your community.” These student voters from a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences came together yesterday to make their voices heard.
As we get older, many of us forget the empowerment we felt when casting our first vote, and instead it becomes a chore rather than a privilege. For Phoenix students having a voice and voting go hand and hand. Nicole Ruiz, an eighth grader stated, “it is important to get your voice heard, to make a difference and to let people see your point of view”.
The tallying went on late into the evening last night, but the Kids Voting election results are finally out! Phoenix kids voted in the incumbent, Phil Gordon as mayor. They voted in Loralei Poll in District 1, Claude Mattox in District 5, Laura Pastor in District 7 and there was a tie in District 3 between James Iannuzo and Jim Mapstead. For the propositions, the kids’ votes resembled your votes, as they voted yes on every proposition except proposition 2.
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About Kids Voting Arizona
Kids Voting Arizona is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, grassroots-driven voter education program. As an organization, Kids Voting Arizona is committed to creating lifelong voting habits in children and increasing adult voter turnout. Through the Kids Voting Arizona program, Arizona is leading the fight against voter apathy.  Kids Voting Arizona is a program of the Arizona Foundation for Legal Services & Education.