SCAM ALERT: People Representing Themselves as Legal Aid

May 17, 2017
Contact: Lara Slifko (602)340-7366
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Recently people have been coming forward stating that they’ve received calls from an organization claiming to represent Legal Aid Society and collecting money on its behalf. The phone number (1-800-985-3544) currently has no one answering. This information and the possibility of a scam has been reported to some state's Attorney General's offices who are continuing to keep a close eye on the issue. The national organization, NLADA has also been informed of the issue.

If you receive a call, please be sure it is from a reputable legal aid agency. Do not give your information or give money over the phone. If you do receive a call from an agency that you do not think is a legitimate enterprise, be sure to contact our Attorney General. You can report scams online to the Attorney General of Arizona at Consumer Complaint