The Arizona Foundation for Legal Services and Education Appoints New President Helen Purcell

March 09, 2015
Contact: Kevin Ruegg 602-340-7356
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The Arizona Foundation for Legal Services and Education (AFLSE) is proud to announce that Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell has been elected to serve as the first non-attorney President of the Board of Directors in its 37 year history.

Mrs. Purcell has been responsible for most public elections in Maricopa County for over two decades and is passionate about increasing voter awareness and access to justice. She has been a member of the Arizona Foundation Board of Directors since 2009.

Her election to this position illustrates the Foundation's commitment to educating the community about the importance of access to Justice for all Arizonans. Mrs. Purcell said, "I am honored to serve as President of the Foundation and look forward to furthering its purpose and bringing awareness to the public about our system of democracy and the opportunities we all have to participate in that system."

Foundation Executive Director Dr. Kevin Ruegg said that she is pleased that Mrs. Purcell will serve as President of the Foundation. Dr. Ruegg remarked that, "Mrs. Purcell's stellar record of service to the local and national community will help elevate the Foundation's goal of promoting access to justice. We are fortunate that she is willing to serve. Furthermore, the fact that Mrs. Purcell is the first Board President who is not an attorney helps illustrate the Foundation's commitment to openness and access to justice for all of our citizens."

The Foundation was created in 1978 with the mission of promoting access to justice for all Arizonans. Specifically, the Foundation strives to educate youth about civic responsibility, providing access to justice for Arizonan's most in need, and helping promote overall education about the legal system.