Inaugural “Create a Law” Contest!

August 20, 2014
Contact: Lara Slifko 602-340-7235
PDFPrint Press Release hosted our first statewide “Create A Law” Competition in celebration of Law Day 2014. Over 100 laws were submitted for consideration which brought in over 7,000 votes. Congratulations to all classes and students who participated. Below are the final results and competition winners for 2014.

Elementary Level—Cactus View Elementary School, Mrs. Pownall’s Class, 5th Grade 933 Votes:

Adrea's Law - There should be a day where it is Arizona Ice Cream Day. The date would be July 15th. This should be a law because the weather is so hot in Arizona, especially during the summer. Arizona could be the 1st state in the country to have an Ice Cream Day. People could get 1 free container of their favorite ice cream. People could get a coupon mailed or emailed to their house if they register to participate.

Middle School Level—Desert Mountain, 7th Grade Social Studies, 1st Hour 1,306 Votes:

Once a child turns sixteen, an app. is installed on his/her phone that will turn off texting capabilities when travelling at 15 mph or faster. Parents can control the app. if the child is in the car, and not driving. Rationale: This will stop teens from texting and driving.

High School Level—Mesa High School, We the People Class, 12th Grade 272 Votes: Trespassing in non-residential areas shouldn't be an issue unless the trespasser is obstructing the peace, having suspicious behavior, loitering, or possessing illegal substances or objects.

The winning classrooms received a $250 gift card to be utilized for their classroom as well as a $10 Target Giftcard for each student.