The Modest Means Project, Alive and Kicking

August 02, 2010
Contact: Leslie Ross
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The Modest Means Project is alive and kicking as it successfully approaches its first year mark. May 20-21 the Foundation partnered with the State Bar of Arizona will be celebrating the Modest Means project with the new Foundations of Justice CLE series.   The CLE series will cover the basics in the areas offered by program: Bankruptcy, Wills & Trusts, Consumer Law, Family Law, Landlord Tenant Law, Foreclosures, and Guardianship.
What it the Modest Means Project you may ask? The Modest Means Project is a program that allows attorneys to expand their client base while providing needed pro bono hours to the disenfranchised public. It offers the attorney a $75 fee for a one hour consultation and the attorney’s love it. Here is what Allyson Del Vecchio, a modest means attorney had to say about the program,
"The Modest Means Project is an integral part of the judicial process.  It affords individuals, who would otherwise be unable to afford an attorney or legal assistance, the ability to consult with, retain, and / or facilitate access to the legal system.  The Modest Means Project is in line with the objectives established at Access Legal Services, where I am employed, of providing low cost legal assistance to individuals who could not afford such help. It has been a privilege to be able to assist the Modest Means Project in fulfilling its objective, and look forward to many years of continued service."

Wondering how you can get in on the action? It’s simple, all you need to do is fill out the online form on the Foundation website, be in good standing with the bar and take our Ethics/Modest Means CLE. The rest is up to you.  For more information about the Modest Means Project contact the Foundation at 602 340-7366.