Foundation Instates Furloughs to Help with Economic Hard Times

March 10, 2009
Contact: Lara Slifko 6020-340-7235
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Due to the difficult economic times, the Foundation has instated mandatory furloughs for all staff. The Foundation will close its offices one day each month. 
After laying off 6 staff in the last few months, the Foundation hopes the furloughs will allow them to get through the end of the year without further lay offs. 
“We are at our bare bones currently, and further staff reductions would mean we would not be able to fully serve the public or our grantees,” said Dr. Kevin Ruegg, the Foundation CEO/Executive Director. 
Foundation has also reduced its budget, eliminating many recognition activities and academic competitions.   “With our reduction in income, the Foundation wants to ensure that as much of its funding goes towards our legal service and law related education grantees as possible.”
The Foundation’s staff currently provides technical service to grantees in the areas of technology, development, compliance and education. 
For more information on how you can support the Foundation, contact Lara Slifko at 602-340-7235 or [email protected].