The CSI Arizona Program needs volunteers!

Judges and attorneys from Arizona are needed to serve as CSI Arizona judges at both the Congressional District and State Level Competitions. An application must be submitted to the CSI Arizona State Coordinator. The application will be considered and if chosen, judges will be placed.

Responsibilities of CSI Arizona Judges

Once judges are chosen, they must do the following:

  • Become familiar with rules and guidelines governing the CSI Arizona program
  • Read assigned unit from the CSI Arizona textbook
  • Become familiar with the questions for the units to which they have been assigned
  • Be ready to ask follow-up questions that will help students demonstrate their knowledge about the Constitution
  • Attend a judge's orientation on the day of the Congressional District or State level competition.

Judging video now available

A video created just for judges is now available. The video take potential judges through criteria for judging in a step-by-step process giving tips for completing the score sheet, asking follow-up questions and giving feedback in a constructive manner. Videos are available for judges to borrow. Contact Us to secure a copy.

Other Resources for Judges