CSI Arizona

CSI Arizona is a Forensic Science program, which combines science and law to provide students with the opportunity to develop skills in both fields through the application of crime scene analysis, evidence gathering, critical thinking, and communication and presentation skills. Students are able to engage in practical experience of applying the law and science to a real life scenario.

Many schools choose to make Forensic Science an elective course, or an after school club. Training for teachers and officers is provided by the Foundation.

The Forensic Science Competition, "CSI Arizona" for middle and high school students, provides forensic science teams the opportunity to showcase their investigation, analytical and presentation skills. CSI Arizona is a two part competition:

Qualification Scenario
The Qualification Scenario Report requires participating classes/clubs to produce a report documenting how the evidence from a mock crime scene was processed, preserved, analyzed and interpreted. Each report will be evaluated by a panel of judges and the top 5 Middle School and top 5 High School submissions will be invited to the State Competition for a total of 10 teams.

Crime Scene Investigation Showcase
During the Crime Scene Investigation Showcase, each team will be presented with a simulated crime scene and will be evaluated on the following 5 areas:

Crime Scene Processing & Documentation

Collection, Preservation & Processing of Physical Evidence

Physical Evidence Examination & Interpretation


Final Presentation of Hypothesis

CSI Arizona is sponsored by the Arizona Foundation for Legal Services & Education, in partnership with the Arizona Department of Education and the Phoenix Police Department.


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