Step 3

Developing a Class Portfolio

  1. Divide the class into eight groups. Assign each group one source of information found on pp. 17-18 of student book.
    • Libraries
    • Newspaper Offices
    • Professors and Scholars
    • Lawyers or Judges
    • Community Organizations and Interest Groups
    • Legislative Offices
    • Administrative Agencies
    • Electronic Information Networks
  2. Allow students to brainstorm sources that might be used for research. Have several copies of Yellow Pages in the classroom for students to use to find names, addresses, and phone numbers of newspapers, lawyers, judges, bar associations, state government offices, state senators, representatives and other state offices. Each group should use the appropriate form in the student book to capture the information they receive from each source.
  3. Follow the information on step 3 on page 13 of teacher's guide. Use the research coordination form to ensure that students understand their task and know about deadlines for completion.
  4. Once all documentation forms have been completed, they should be filed and kept in the classroom for future use in the documentation section of the portfolio.

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