Project Citizen

Law for Kids

This Web site, sponsored by the Arizona Foundation for Legal Services and Education, is the first stand alone Web site that posts youth laws and information in a manner that kids can read quickly and understand easily. In addition to resources for kids, there are also resources for teachers and parents. Free posters and trading cards are available by going to the site.

National Constitution Center

Created to increase awareness and knowledge of the US Constitution. Original documents, lesson plans, kids corner, order pocket constitution.

Our Constitution

A site where constitutional principles can be discovered and where students can learn more about founding documents. Submit questions, text of original documents.

News about recent public policy issues. Research on current policy issues, think tanks, bulletin boards, etc. State of

Arizona Website

All you need to know about Arizona Government. Full copy of Arizona Constitution, links to three branches of Arizona Government, etc.

ALIS Online

All you need to know about the Arizona Legislative Branch. Current bills, member directory, teacher resources.

Statistics and facts about each of the 50 states. Links to many state agencies, newspapers and other sources of information.

National Conference of State Legislatures

This web site is a great resource for information about state legislatures. Great links and information on public policy. Contains information about "Legislator Back to School Day" and the national Project Citizen program.

Center for Civic Education

CCE is the national sponsor of Project Citizen. Site includes information on other CCE programs, CCE Newsletter, studies on CCE programs, links, etc.

The Civic Mind

An online community for teaching about law and civics. Lesson plans, grant opportunities, etc. US State & Local


This web site was developed to give state and local government officials and employees easy access to federal information.

The Innovation Groups

A one-stop-shop of information for local government professionals on the Internet.

State News (Council of State Governments)

"Today's state news" summaries and links to full text; updated daily. Five weekly state news articles, representing regions of the U.S.

Newspaper Association of America

Newspapers from all 50 states that have an Internet presence, by state and city.

THOMAS-US Congress on the Internet

Federal legislation status, summaries and text.

Justice for Kids & Youth

US Department of Justice site for kids, teachers and parents. Internet safety, drug safety, DNA, fingerprints, polygraph testing, child abduction, famous FBI cases etc.

Digital Librarian

Links by topic to one librarian's choice of the best of the web.

Education Index

Annotated guide to best education-related sites on the web by subject and age level.

Arizona We the People...the Citizen and the Constitution

This site gives current information about the Arizona We the People program. This is a great resource for any We the People teacher as it keeps them up-to-date on professional development sessions, competitions and even has a chat room.