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Congratulations Project Citizen State Showcase Winners!

What do Air Pollution, Food Dyes, Street Lighting, School Lunches, and State Parks all have in common? They were this year's Project Citizen problems with public policy solutions presented to judges at the 2015 State Showcase! Here is the amazing work done by the teams:


Lineweaver Elementary School was also recognized by judges for their electronic portfolio which will be sent to California to be judged this July at the National Showcase. Each member of the team received a medal for their superior work. Franklin Phonetic Primary School was awarded a $250 Amazon gift card and the students were each awarded a Target gift card for receiving the most "popular votes" for this year's first on-line contest. Thank you to all the classes for their part in working to make a difference in their Arizona communities!!!

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Project Citizen Regional Showcase

This year brings a new format for the Project Citizen Regional Showcase. Teachers will be asked to submit both an electronic portfolio and a video of their oral presentation. Please consider using YouTube for your video and sending a link to both YouTube and your electronic portfolio to  [email protected].    For technical assistance with your oral hearing, please contact Jody Arnold at [email protected], and for technology technical assistance with your electronic portfolio, please contact Mark McCall at [email protected] 

We cncourage the oral presentation to be done in front of an actual panel, either of judges or the members of the governing agency their policy impacts. These will be judged and the top 10 will advance on to our state showcase.  This year's state showcase will be held on May 8, 2015 at Grand Canyon University.

In addition, all submissions will be posted on and the Foundation will host a popular vote contest, with prizes being given to those with the highest popular vote.

Register your team at and submit your electronic portfolios and video by March 27th.

Congratulations to Tucson's Lineweaver Elementary for receiving a Superior Award at the National Showcase held in California in August. Click here to see their award winning portfolio on E-Cigarettes and Tobacco Laws.  Click here to see Prescott's Franklin Phonetics School's  Exceptional portfolio on a Trauma Center.  Click to see Mesa's Smith Jr. High's Exceptional portfolios - Cyberbullying, Texting and Driving, Child Poverty and Dropout Rates.

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Congratulations to Lineweaver Elementary School for receiving a "Superior" award at this year's National Portfolio judging event in California for their project on Childhood Obesity.  You made Arizona proud!

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2011-12 District Level Showcase

The 2011-12 Project Citizen District Level Showcases will be held on March 9, 2012.  Please register your class to partipate in this wonderful opportunity to showcase your student's achievements!  Portfolios will be displayed and judged at Phoenix City Hall from April 9 - April 20, 2012.  At this time, due to loss of funding, a state level showcase is pending.  Good luck!

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Film Your Project Citizen Issue - An Online Video Competition!

Project Citizen is proof that young people can offer fresh and innovative perspectives on problem-solving in their communities.  

The Center for Civic Education invites Project Citizen students to participate in Film Your Issue—an online video competition that highlights solutions proposed by young people to contemporary problems. The Center’s Project Citizen program is collaborating with the What’s Your Issue Foundation and its Film Your Issue program to take youth civic engagement online.   

Young adults from ages 14 to 24 are invited to produce and upload a three-minute video and a one-page text describing a problem in their community and their proposed solution to that problem. The problem should be related to one of the following “front-burner” issues: the environment, the economic recession, education, health and healthcare, human rights, equal rights, national security and defense, poverty, public service, and technology.  

The deadline for submissions is April 19, 2010, with winners announced in May. Winning submissions to the Film Your Issue competition will be presented to senior officials of President Barack Obama’s administration, highlighted on the What’s Your Issue iTunes Channel, and presented at an awards ceremony co-hosted by Sony Pictures in Los Angeles. Winners will be featured at the Center for Civic Education’s National Project Citizen Showcase at the Legislative Summit of the National Conference of State Legislatures.  

Find more info here:

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Project Citizen students making a difference!

Check out this article on to learn about Project Citizen students from Mesa's Rhodes Jr. High!

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Project Citizen Wins

Arizona's Project Citizen Program was recently honored by the Arizona Capitol Times for its efforts in public policy education! Many thanks to the network of students, teachers, Regional Coordinators that have helped to make the program a sucess in Arizona.

This awards program was created in 2007 to recognize the contributions of policy professionals across the state. It is a salute to those who advance public policy by implementing and championing creative strategies to positively impact the state and the lives of Arizonans, without regard to partisanship or political affiliation.

For more information:

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Both Trinity Lutheran School and Lineweaver Elementary School Recognized
[Phoenix, AZ] –On Friday May 8th, over 200 students from across Arizona presented their public policy work at the statewide Project Citizen Showcase. The presentations had issues ranging from the environment to animal cruelty. The students presented portfolios displaying a summary of their project and student teams gave oral presentations in support of their public policy ideas before panels of volunteer judges. While not identified as a competition, two schools were recognized for their achievements in portfolio display and oral presentation of their project before judges. In recognition of their achievements with the Project Citizen program the following schools were awarded top honors:
Project Citizen Statewide Showcase Award for Oral Hearings
Trinity Lutheran School
“Is Plastic that Fantastic?”
Lori Stadler, Teacher
Project Citizen Statewide Showcase Award for Portfolio
Lineweaver Elementary School
“Convenience Catastrophe: Plastic Bag Pollution”
Heather Matchett, Teacher
The over 50 judges at the Project Citizen Showcase, representing civic and community leaders, listened to the students’ presentations and provided feedback to help them better understand the democratic process of change. One judge, Marga Warnicke, a doctoral student at ASU’s Public Administration School noted, “I was excited by how what these young students were doing mirrored what I was learning as a doctoral student.”
“Project Citizen really highlights these young students’ ability to think critically, clearly articulate their ideas, and engage in their local communities,” stated Hayley Ivins, Program Specialist for the Foundation. “The problems they choose to tackle are quite remarkable – everything from domestic violence and animal cruelty to pollution and crosswalks for their school.”  Other schools and their portfolios included:
Parkview Middle School (Prescott Valley)
“Be Safe, Put a Crosswalk in Place”
Glassford Hill Middle School (Prescott Valley)
“Gang Tagging”
Landmark Middle School (Glendale)
“Stop the Violence”
Mesa Academy for Advanced Studies (Mesa)
“Animal Shelters”
Mesa Academy for Advanced Studies (Mesa)
“Teenage Drug Use in Phoenix”
Mesa Academy for Advanced Studies (Mesa)
“Criminal Relocation”
Rhodes Junior High School (Mesa)
“Domestic Violence”
Rhodes Junior High School (Mesa)
“African Hunger Donation Drive”
About Project Citizen:  Project Citizen is portfolio-based civic education project for middle grade students sponsored nationally by the Center for Civic Education (CCE) and the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL). It is supported locally by the Arizona Legislature and the Arizona Foundation for Legal Services & Education. The program teaches young people to monitor and influence public policy. Students work cooperatively to identify a public problem in their community. They then research the problem, evaluate alternative solutions, develop their own solution in the form of a public policy, and create a political action plan to enlist local or state authorities to adopt their proposed policy. Participants develop a portfolio of their work and present their project in an oral hearing before a panel of civic-minded community volunteers.
About the Arizona Foundation for Legal Services and Education
The Foundation provides technical and financial assistance to legal aid organizations, schools and community groups working toward “access to justice for all Arizonans” through law-related education and free legal services. The Arizona Foundation for Legal Services & Education plays a leading role in preparing Arizona students for civic responsibility. The Foundation reaches more than 100,000 children each year by training teachers, school resource officers and probation officers about our laws, justice system and the foundations of democracy. It is also home of, America’s first Web site dedicated to teaching students about the law.
Helpful Websites/More Information:
·       Arizona Foundation for Legal Services & Education:
·       Arizona Project Citizen:
·       Arizona State Legislature:
·       Center for Civic Education (CCE):
·       National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL):
- ### -

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Project Citizen District Registration Now Open!!

Project Citizen teachers!!!

You can now register your classes for the Project Citizen District Showcase which will be held on March 6th, 2009. But hurry up!!!! The registration deadline is November 7, 2008 (click here to login and register your class).

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Lineweaver Elementary School Won Top Portfolio Prize at Project Citizen State Showcase

Topic: “Solar Energy”
Teacher - Heather Matchett

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Valencia Middle School Won Top Oral Hearing Prize at Project Citizen State Showcase

Topic: “Graffiti in America”
Teacher - Sandra Suarez-Hairgrove

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Schools to Participate in Project Citizen 2008 State Showcase

The following schools will be showcasing their skills on Public Policy at the Black Canyon Conference Center on Friday May 2nd, 2008.

Holy Angels School- "Regulating Second-hand Smoke in Motor Vehicles"

Holy Angels School- "No Pain, No Gain!"

Landmark Middle School- "Animal Testing"

Lineweaver Elementary School- "Solar Energy"

Lineweaver Elementary School- "Animal Safety"

Mesa Academy for Advanced Studies- "School Service"

Parkview Middle School- "Speeding"

Rhodes Jr. High School- "The Green Revolution"

Rhodes Jr. High School- "Helping the Homeless"

Valencia Middle School- "Graffiti in America"

Westwind Academy- "Teen Homeless"

Congratulations and best of luck to you all!

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Showcase Dates Have Been Announced!

Project Citizen District showcases will take place on March 6th and 7th at their respective District locations. Check back for locations and dates for your district in October.

Registration will begin January 1st and close February 22nd.

The State Showcase will be held May 2nd, 2008 at the Black Canyon Conference Center.

Contact your District Coordinators for assistance and guidance leading up to the District Competition.

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LRE Grant Available!

You can apply for an LRE grant to assist with expenses relating to your school's Project Citizen Program! The Arizona Foundation for Legal Services & Education promotes access to justice for all Arizonans.The Foundation works to level the playing field, so that all in Arizona have knowledge and access to the justice system. The Granting Program for Law-Related Education supports and enhances educational efforts that prepare youth for the office of citizen.

Click Here to see the grants page!
Grant applications due by November 2nd!

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The 2007 Western Regional Project Citizen Summer Institute

The 2007 Western Regional Project Citizen Summer Institute

The 2007 Western Regional Project Citizen Summer Institute will be hosted by the Arizona Foundation for Legal Services & Education July 6-13th, 2007, in Prescott, AZ, at Yavapai Community College. Professor Joe Stewart, from South Carolina, will be the institute scholar. The institute is designed for middle and high school educators and will provide professional development for 31 participants and serve 9 states.

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Mogollon Jr. High School Won Top Oral Hearing Prize at Project Citizen State Showcase

Mogollon Jr. High School Won Top Oral Hearing Prize at Project Citizen State Showcase

Topic: School Vandalism

Teacher: Jim Maner

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Westwind Academy Will Send Their Winning Portfolio to National Showcase

Westwind Academy Will Send Their Winning Portfolio to National Showcase

Topic: Tagging and Graffiti

Teacher: Carrie Algozzini

Their Portfolio will be judged again in August at the National Conference of State Legislators in Boston, Mass.

Other teams who attended the State Showcase were:
  • Mogollon Jr. High School, Jim Maner: Payson –Heber Overgaard School District Final Exam Policy
  • Holy Angels School, Leonard Leverance: Globe- School Walkways
  • Westwind Academy, Carrie Algozzini: Phoenix – Teen Suicide
  • Landmark Middle School, George Colebrook: Glendale – Teenage Activities
  • Shepherd Junior High School, Libby Hammond: Mesa – Hygiene Kits for the Homeless
  • Rhodes Junior High School, Jeff Anderson: Mesa- Stopping Illegal Immigration into Arizona
  • Rhodes Junior High School, Jeff Anderson: Mesa- Reducing Illegal Drug Use in the East Valley
  • Underdown Junior High School, Mark McCall: Cashion-Elder Abuse & Neglect in Nursing Homes
  • Underdown Junior High School, Mark McCall: Cashion – Improving Police Department Response Times

The Project Citizen Showcase would not be possible without the help of our volunteers. Many thanks go to the following, who gave their time for these students: Kim James, Cheri Bludau, Colleen McManus, Dulce Encinas, Rebecca Lauchner, Manoj Vyas, Brendan Moroney, Lori Rodriguez, Theresa Ramsey, Johnetta Dorsey, Heather Matchett, John Contreras, Candace Odenwald, Jan Lundgren, Kevin Brungardt, Dewain Fox, Javan Mesnard, Rebecca Truxel, Gary Odenwald, Kathleen Lundgren, Brian Lockery, Danielle Reiger, Jody Arnold, Paul Bergelin

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The 2007 District Project Citizen Showcase Registration is now underway!

Click here to see the date of your district showcase. Registration is due February 21st, 2007

Your students have done the work- now give them the opportunity to shine! This exciting event gives students the benefit of interacting with other classes who have had the same experience in their communities. They will also improve their presentation skills and boost their confidence by presenting their project to interested community members and getting encouraging feedback. Travel assistance and lunch for everyone is provided, and each student will receive a certificate for their accomplishment. Participation is free!

Please follow these easy steps to register your class(es) on-line
Paper registration is no longer available

  • If you have never participated in a showcase, first, "Become a member".
  • Fill out the electronic form and click submit
  • An e-mail with your username and password will be sent to you within a few days. Once you have received your username and password, please proceed with the instructions provided below. Your confirmation will include information on which Congressional District Level Showcase your school will be assigned to.
  • For those with a username and password, "login".
  • If you don't remember your username, contact Amy Koenig and it will be e-mailed to you
  • Make sure that your personal information is correct and click "submit".
  • On your member page, click "upcoming events registration", and then click the appropriate event for your congressional district.
  • Fill out the information to register your team(s), and send in the school responsibility form

If you have any questions about registration or need technical assistance, please contact [email protected] or 602-340-7357

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Welcome to the Arizona We the People.Project Citizen website. The goal of this web site is to provide teachers and students with information that will help them with the Project Citizen program.

Project Citizen is a portfolio based civic education program for grades 5-9. It helps teachers and students understand public policy and use this information to create change in their community thereby empowering them and their teachers. Click here to read Project Citizen historical information, advisory committee members, supporting organizations and past state champions.

  • Is interdisciplinary
  • Is based on cooperative learning
  • Is an excellent model for performance assessment
  • Is an excellent method for implementing project based learning
  • Focuses on state and local government
  • Applies student learning to real public policy issues that concern them Develops participatory skills

...see sample portfolios and more »»

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Coronado K-8 School (Tucson) honored as overall State Champions & Capps Middle School (Heber) honored as top scoring portfolio. Both to represent Arizona at the National Showcase!

Ten teams participated at the state showcase May 11th, at the Black Canyon Conference Centerin Phoenix. Those teams invited were 2 teams from Rhodes Jr. High(Mesa), 3 teams from Capps Middle School(Heber), 2 teams from Parkview Middle School(Prescott), Palo Verde Middle School(Phoenix),Coronado K-8 (Tucson), and Madison #1 Middle School(Phoenix). Each team presented during 2 rounds to a panel of judges consisting of teachers, lawyers, judges, probation officers, and community members. Coronado K-8 School and Capps Middle School (Dress Code)received Superior awards, Capps(Keep It Clean), Madison #1, and the 2 teams from Rhodes Jr. High received Exceptional awards, and Palo Verde Middle School, Capps (Bullying), and the 2 teams from Parkview Middle School received Outstanding awards. Both Coronado K-8 and Capps Middle School (Dress Code) will have their portfolios sent to Seattle in August to be judged nationally during the National Conference of State Legislatures. Congratulations to all the're all winners to us!

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Legislature Back To School Program!

The Foundation and the Center for Civic Education encourages you to involve your school in the seventh annual America's Legislators Back to School Program . The program will kick off the third week of September and, for the first time, run throughout the school year giving legislators and teachers more flexibility in scheduling classroom visits.

The National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) sponsors this program that provides resources such as legislative staff to help coordinate visits of legislators, and lesson plans to help teachers prepare for the legislator's visit. NCSL is the Center's partner in We the People: Project Citizen and the Trust for Representative Democracy.

Here is a link to the Frequently Asked Questions from NCSL's website. For more information go to

Teachers who have participated in the past have said it was a good experience for Project Citizen and We the People teachers and students; an excellent opportunity to increase legislator's awareness of the programs.

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For those with a login and password

  • Click on "Teacher login" under "Register On Line"
  • Click on "Personalized Teacher Page" under "Register On Line"
  • Click on "Project Citizen Program" under "Upcoming Events Registration Form"
  • Fill out the information to register your team(s)

If you have any questions, please contact Amy Koenig at [email protected] or 602-340-7357

Your confirmation will include information on which Congressional District Level Showcase your school will be assigned to.

We look forward to your participation!

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For new participants

  • Click on "Register On-line" on the left hand side of the page
  • Click on the link "submit your information" located in the first paragraph
  • An e-mail with your login and password will be sent to you. Once you have received your login and password, please proceed with the instructions provided below.

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Mesa's Rhodes Jr. High and Prescott Valley's Park View Middle School Selected as 2006 Arizona Project Citizen Champs

A nation-wide civic education program, We the People: Project Citizen, is conducted locally by the Arizona Foundation for Legal Services & Education. It leads students through the public policy-making process and lets students experience the Office of Citizen first-hand. Project Citizen calls on students to solve a problem in their community, big or small, from bullying to traffic. Project Citizen teaches students to honor civic duty and become active members of our community.

Students in Project Citizen classes begin by identify a problem in their community. Next, they research the problem contacting other communities with similar problems to find out what policies were in place to correct them. They then create a policy they feel will solve the problem. And finally they present their research findings as well as their suggested policy and implementation plan both through a static display portfolio and orally to a panel of community leaders.

Project Citizen Oral Hearing State Showcase Champions
Rhodes Jr. High - Mesa - Extra Curricular Activities

Teacher - Terri Welsh

Project Citizen Portfolio State Showcase Champions
Park View Middle School - Prescott Valley - Hwy 69 "Blood Alley"

Teacher - Becky Fitch
(Their portfolio will be judged again at the 2006 National Conference of State Legislatures in Memphis, TN in August)


  • Holy Angels 6th Grade - Globe - topic: Recycling - Teacher: Len Leverance
  • Capps Middle School - Heber - topic: Smoking - Teacher: Stacey Frazier
  • Rhodes Jr. High - Mesa - Swimming Safety - Teacher: Terri Welsh
  • Rhodes Jr. High - Mesa - Mesa Money Matters - Teacher: Terri Welsh


  • Westwind Academy - Phoenix - topic: Declining Health of Students - Teacher: Tim Lewis
  • Holy Angels 5th Grade - Globe - topic: Recycling - Teacher: Len Leverance
  • Palo Verde Middle School - Phoenix - Prop 200 - Teacher: Rich Curtain


  • Palo Verde Middle School - Phoenix - Wire Tapping - Teacher: Rich Curtain

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