Connecting Today's Truancy to Tomorrow's Future

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Connecting Today's Truancy to Tomorrow's Future


Advanced Middle/High School Academy


September 01, 2015


08:30 AM to 04:30 PM

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Arizona Foundation for Legal Services & Education
4201 N. 24th Street, Suite 210
Phoenix, AZ 85016
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Rena Dearden

Diana Strouth


Overview: Research from the US Department of Education indicates that students who become truant have a greater risk of dropping out of school and becoming delinquent. Truancy may also be an indicator of more serious issues at home or at school. During this academy, participants will learn interactive ways to educate students on the risks and consequences of truancy. Additionally, participants will learn how to teach their students the benefits of school connection, academic engagement and life planning. Help students understand how their academic decisions today affect their life later!
Training Objectives:
§ Educate students on Arizona Truancy Laws
§ Learn interactive strategies that promote academic engagement
§ Help students understand the correlation between education and their future career path
Campus Issues Addressed:
§ Lack of interest in school
§ Truancy
§ Lack of school involvement
§ Low academic achievement