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Project Citizen is a portfolio-based civic education program for grades 5-12. It helps teachers and students understand public policy and use this information to create change in their community thereby empowering them and their teachers. Click here to read Project Citizen historical information, advisory committee members, supporting organizations and past state champions.

Project Citizen:

  • Is interdisciplinary
  • Is based on cooperative learning
  • Is an excellent model for performance assessment
  • Is an excellent method for implementing project based learning
  • Focuses on state and local government
  • Applies student learning to real public policy issues that concern them Develops participatory skills

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Project Citizen Regional Showcase

This year brings a new format for the Project Citizen Regional Showcase. Teachers will be asked to submit both an electronic portfolio and a video tape of their oral presentation. We encourage the oral presentation to be done in front of an actual panel, either of judges or the members of the governing agency their policy impacts. These will be judged and the top 10 will advance on to our state showcase.

In addition, all submissions will be posted on and the Foundation will host a popular vote contest, with prizes being given to those with the highest popular vote.

Register your team at and submit your electronic portfolios and video by March 31st.

This year's state showcase information will be posted as soon as a date and venue have been confirmed.

Congratulations to Tucson's Lineweaver Elementary for receiving a Superior Award at the National Showcase held in California in August. Click here to see their award winning portfolio on E-Cigarettes and Tobacco Laws.  Click here to see Prescott's Franklin Phonetics School's  Exceptional portfolio on a Trauma Center.  Click to see Mesa's Smith Jr. High's Exceptional portfolios - Cyberbullying, Texting and Driving, Child Poverty and Dropout Rates.

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