Kids Voting Arizona

Kids Voting Arizona, Inc. is a non-profit, non-partisan grassroots-driven voter education program. Kids Voting Arizona is committed to creating lifelong voting habits in children and increase voter turnout. Through Kids Voting Arizona, we are leading a national battle against voter apathy. While current voting statistics are somewhat disturbing, we believe there is hope for the future.

KVAZ is available to all school-age children from kindergarten through 12th Grade and strives to meet the needs of diverse populations across the state. Students learn about voter registration and encourage parents to register as well. Then students cast their own ballot with the same issues and candidates as adults. Students may vote in class, accompany their parents to the polls, cast an early mail-in ballot, or vote online with our newest innovation, Election Connection. The student votes are then tabulated and results reported to the media, the students and the community.

Volunteer Opportunities

Help staff polling places across Arizona to assist students with the voting process.

Assist delivering election supplies statewide

Assist tabulating ballots