Community Works

The Community Works curriculum is from the national Teens, Crime, and the Community (TCC) program - based on more than 14 years of success with the classroom textbook. Community Works: Smart Teens Make Safer Communities combines education and action to reduce teen victimization and to involve youth in their communities. Highly interactive activities - role-plays, group discussions, skits - build leadership and communication skills and is aligned to the Arizona State Standards. The program culminates in a community service project - planned, designed, and implemented by youth. Step-by-step lesson plans are designed for instructors who have limited time for lesson planning. TCC is a joint initiative of Street Law, Inc. and the National Crime Prevention Council. The Foundation has developed a partnership with Street Law, Inc. and National Crime Prevention Council for full implementation of the Community Works Program in Arizona Schools.

Volunteer Opportunities

Community members to score the Action Project Competition Portfolios