Charitable Giving Programs

Justice For All Campaign

Defender $500 per year for 3 years = $1,500
3 Teachers Trained ~ 15 hours of legal services

Guardian $1,000 per year for 3 years = $3,000
6 Teachers Trained ~ 30 hours of legal services

Advocate $2,500 per year for 3 years = $7,500
15 Teachers Trained ~ 75 hours of legal services

Champion $5000 per year for 3 years = $15,000
30 Teachers Trained ~ 150 hours of legal services

As citizens we commit ourselves to the goal of equal justice for all
Governor Janet Napolitano, April 2005 proclamation

Designate Your United Way Contribution

Make the Foundation a part of your United Way donation.
Designate, #1648
AZ Foundation LS & E.

Partnering for Results That Matter


Contributions may be made in honor of a person and designated to a purpose in line with the mission of promoting 'Access to justice for all Arizonans'

Current memorials you may also support:

Judge John Sticht
Assisting those with physical disabilities to excel in the legal profession.

John Ross
Promoting excellence in the study of Business Law and Law Related Education in the Classroom.

Georgia Ellexson
Assisting others pursue professions in Public Law.

Jonathan Paul Schubert
Warrior in the fight for justice for the most vulnerable.